Wednesday, April 1, 2009

(J-drama) Koisuru Nichiyoubi (Love on a Sunday)

Takami Mizuhashi (as Akira)
Ryuya Wakaba (as Nao)
Yuria Haga (as Tamaki)
Kazunori Sasaki (as Gaku)

Koisuru Nichiyoubi (Love on a Sunday) chronicles the love story of Akira and Nao that happened within the a period of 24 hours. On the last term of her junior year in highschool, Akira is slated to follow her father to Tokyo, leaving her childhood friend Nao. She is pondering if she would confess her love for him on their last day together. She even went far as to orchestrate a fake farewell party so she could be alone with him the whole day. Telling Nao that everyone else cancelled.

However, at the "party", Tamaki, the most popular girl in their class, showed up at Nao's invitation, obviously flirting with him. When the girls were alone together, Tamaki told Akira that this is her way of getting back at her since she and her boyfriend, Gaku, broke up so he could have a chance to go out with Akira. Earlier that day, Gaku already confessed his intentions with Akira.

The rest of the movie became a competition for the 2 girls to get back the boys that they love, who is in love with the other. It came to the point where Akira challenges Gaku to an archery match to iron things out. If he looses, he will make-up with Tamaki, giving her the time she desperately needs to be alone with Nao. If Gaku wins, Akira will instantly become Gaku's girlfriend.

The theme of the movie is derived from the TV drama series of the same title; chronicles of different love stories that happened within the span of 24 hours. The movie takes a 'third-person' reality TV approach as the pivotal scenes go by without any pause, and the camera following their moves like another person tagging along, following them.

Overall, this heartwarming tale of young love will surely appeal to viewers of all ages. It even made me intrested in the TV series which this movie is based on.

On a different note, this series also spawned a second movie "Koisuru Nichiyoubi: Watakushi Koishita" (Love on a Sunday: I Fell in Love) with one of my fave actress, Horikita Maki-san, as the lead role.

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