Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How the Community Channel Should Have Ended

'Allo netizens...

last night I looked around youtube for videos of military engagements taken by soldiers, then I got bored, I looked at the main page and saw what was popular.

First I checked out this "How it should have ended" by Hishe. Its a collection of humorous animated shorts that shows how some of popular movies should have ended. The animation is good, a definite fit for its format. You should definitely check it out. Its hard to pick a favorite...but I do love the 'Beowulf' bit...hehehehe...manical at first, then he softens up...then becomes emotional, crying while jamming Grendel's arm at the door. Then his death scenes...herk herk herk...sooo hilarious.

Next is the "Community Channel" by Natalie. It seems this one has a huge following. Well who could blame them, the shear amount of random thoughts/ insights/ peeves/ observations, jam packed in her talk show/ video blog/ one-woman movie production is just a joy to watch... like a ramblings of a mad scientist...or of a religious fundamentalist...hehehehehe...what the heck am I saying? I guess what I'm trying to say is her show is like a rapid fire assault on the paced...funny...and makes sense...I think...

Hope you check em out, tell me what you think.

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