Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Anime: True Tears

"...I will take your tears with me to heaven so you won't cry anymore..."

This is the premise behind the friendship between the wierd, enigmatic Noe and the stoic and indecisive Shinichiro. Having met by accident beside the school chicken coop, they developed a bond as they go on with their highschool life, supporting each other as they aim to move on from their past and their corporeal restrictions.

Eventhough the series is well drawn and well animated, the first few episodes are a drag as they focus more on being 'emo' and enigmatic. Things pick up as various characters are developed into the story.

Complicating Shinichiro's life is his infatuation with his childhood friend Hiromi, who also lives with them after her parents passed away. The misunderstanding about the relationship between his father and her mother also sets a foul mood with Shinichiro's mother.

But as Shinichiro and Noe live on with their 'emo' partnership, Hiromi and Ai (Shinichiro's other childhood friend) harbors platonic feelings for Shinichiro. Both are indecisive because Hiromi thinks she is Shinichiro's half-sister and Ai is Shinichiro's bestfriend's girlfriend.

Things get weirder as Shinichiro declares he plans to date Noe. This turning point forces Hiromi and Ai to act on their feelings. In the end...who will be the last girl standing?

While watching the first few episodes, I was complaining to the culprit, my officemate Vince, about how very dragging the series was. A lot of misunderstandings coupled with 'emo' highschoolers blessed with a lot of free time so all they think about are 'emo' thoughts. And did I mention the characters are so 'emo'. (word of the day...'emo').

The series slowly progressed into intresting as complicated human relations spice up the story.

I recommend this series to love sick 'emo' kids out there.

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foxy12 said...

I agree,all six characters (three girls and three guys )are emo ..

Hiromi,Noe and Aiko were all painful to watch TT

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