Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Anime: Basilisk

Like any other anime fans out there, I enjoy the ongoing series about a demon possesed ninja boy called Naruto,going so far as to do a cosplay with my then officemates.

But the sheer length of the series, along with dozens of unrelated side-arc stories were enough to make me lose intrest in the series. I still love the characters though.

A few years later, I was again drawn in to the ninja face-off genre with the anime series 'Basilisk'.

It is about the continuation of hostilities between the 2 warring ninja clans after their peace accord was terminated. Along with exciting battle scenes are a lot of scheming, conspiracy and treason as each clans try to outsmart and outflank the other.

You will marvel at the intense fight scenes where ninjas with various special ninpo skills duke it out, with the successor of the next Tokugawa shogunate at stake.

But behind the scenes lies the 'Romeo and Juliet' like romance of the heirs from both sides, Gennosuke of the Kouga clan and Oboro of the Iga clan. Their ninpo skills are regarded by their respective clans as more of supernatural in nature than ninja techniques.

Each 'death duels' are unique as their respective skills which leaves you in awe and make you look forward for the ending of the match.

Just a thought...if ever the Gennosuke-Oboro match did take on earlier in the series what will happen? Gennosuke, whose power is using the killing intent of his opponent against themselves, will not work on Oboro since she does not have any intent to harm her beloved. Since Gennosuke's power cannot be activated, there is nothing Oboro's power, which is to negate any ninpo skill applied against her, will nullify.

In terms of sword skills, Gennosuke has the upperhand since Oboro has no offensive ninja skills at all. And both of them would rather die than to take the life of the other.

Kinda hard to think of an outcome.

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