Sunday, November 8, 2009

Toy Shopping Weekend

Last weekend, our search for replacement appliances turned into toy shopping and malling to the joy of my son. Here's the haul, along with location so you can make your christmas shopping.
Pokemon (Legendary)
5 for P100

about 2 1/2 inches tall figures. good quality
bought at Comic Alley at Market! Market! Fort Bonifacio
Iron Man (stealth suit...yeah right...stealth attack with gattling guns, machine guns and missles launchers...stealthy indeed)
P100.75 each

around 6 inches tall, posable. very good quality, considering this is a chinese knock-off. The other models with removable chest, face plates and gloves were not as good.
bought at the department store at St. Francis' Square (2F, i think...).
Buying these toys made me want to pose them in real settings, in parks, tables and such, amidst the estrangede stares of passers-by. I must've looked like a wierdo to them. hehehehehe.

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