Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alcohol Binge Part 2 at Yoohoo! Madison Square

As the night grew deeper, we continued our alcohol binge last Aug.3 at the Madison branch of Yoohoo. The Yoohoo! name is known for being the best place to get grilled delicacies at combo prices. I also heard about the 3 glasses of wine for P99 ($1.83) package included in their menu. I've been there a lot of times but never even noticed it...being a sort of red wine addict myself, I can't let this chance slip away.

A different kind of Yoohoo! than what I was used to...

Fresh from another alcohol binging spree just moments earlier, we braved the cold rainy night, amidst the traffic and the absence of parking space, just to sample the red wine combo.

Since its a 3-glass combo of the same brand, it'll be better if your party is divisible by 3. So that you all could get a chance to sample the different brands available.

Because my bud, Ryan, was there before, he chose the brand for us.

First batch was a set of Villa Sta.Maria red. The taste was a bit lesser than the wines I'm used to. Ryan said maybe because of all the vodka martini and gin I had earlier that night.

Ryan pondering the mysteries of the universe...

Next one is a batch of Chez Samantha. Its a bit more sour than Villa Sta.Maria so its a bit more refreshing. Although red meat is supposed to go well with red wine, the effect was a bit off.

The last batch was a serving of Villa Sta.Maria white. Its not as sweet and fruity as the other white wine I've tasted but I think an order of cheese would have complemented it.

It was a disappointing night. Next time We would go there first as to not to chase off the flavor of the wines we're going to sample.

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