Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lime 88's 2nd Anniversary Party

Last friday, Lime 88 celebrated its 2nd anniversary. The light rain didn't do much to prevent the hordes of patrons from enjoying the food and the free cocktails that went around that night.

Lime 88 is a bar/restaurant located near Boni Avenue in Mandaluyong City, just past a place we usually go to in San Joaquin st., beyond the Mandaluyong City Hall. They specialize in Filipino street cusine with a twist, a feature you have to see first-hand to appreciate. They also recieved a lot of positive reviews from other bloggers who visited the place.

This is also the usual venue for the Aquinian'95 gatherings. First time I went there, I was too engrossed with talking to former schoolmates that I failed notice anything else. I think the place can also do well with a light intrument or acoustic group for special occassions, like the ones in Greenbelt 3. Former schoolmate and Lime 88 partner, Vincent, told me that they once had a band event last Octoberfest but earned them the ire of the neighbors since it was a mix residential area.

The place has a cozy, homely atmosphere to it, which goes well with familiar dishes presented in a somewhat haute cusine fashion. Who knew the humble 'kwek kwek' can be served in a wonderful and enticing way. Actually, its this dish, named 'Quail Egg Tempura', which caught my attention because I liked the way it was presented. It looked like a mix between East Asian and Polynesian cusine with a Filipino appeal to it.

We decided to change our usual grind and ordered some martinis. I ordered the 'Peach Martini' while my bud, Ryan, went with his 'Licensed to Chill'. The Peach Martini seems to have a sugar cane-like aftertaste, and I enjoyed Ryan's drink more than mine. Along with our order, Vincent flooded us with free cocktails like Vodka-7 and Blue Martini, which I ended up drinking most of and got me a bit drunk by 11pm (thanksh dude).

I recommend this place to anyone who looks for something different, those tired of the usual bar and beer garden thing. A cozy place where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your buddies.

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