Sunday, September 6, 2009

Anime: Ikkitousen

If scantily clad pubescent school girl cat fights are your thing, then the series 'Ikkitousen' may be the anime for you.

The series revolves around a group of fighters representing various schools in the Kantou area of modern day Japan. The winner of the major tournament gets the seal of the first true emperor (as the story goes) and controls the Kantou area.

The fight scenes are not that intense and doesn't drag on to more than two episodes but the intresting aspect of the series is the Megatama. They are one piece earings in the shape of the number 9 with something sealed inside which are somewhat attached to some historical figure (or so the series narrates). The owner of that Megatama not only posses the strenght and power of the previous owner but also their destiny. The story proves itself more better than the fight scenes as it unravels the past of the previous owners and how it affects the relationships of the current owner. The main character is a buxom girl named Hakufu who posseses the most unstable fighter who, in an uncontrollable rage, also destroyed himself.

Other Megatamas also contains various historical generals. My favorite is Ryoufu Housen. His Megatama is under the ownership of a 'kogaryu' who is a heterosexual (she plays with both girls and boys) who packs a mysterious almost invisible punch.

The series offers a lot of 'fan service', giving the viewers a lot of 'upskirt' shots, panty shots and boobie shots. There's also a lot of 'sexual encounters (hetero and lesbian alike) although not shown graphically so I don't recommend this for the youngins.

Overall I liked it for the story and historical reference since I like history. It teaches that if you enslave yourself to the strings of destiny, you will find yourself entrapped in its eternal vortex.

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