Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kebab Kebab

Friday night...just got my salary...but no where to go. This has been a perinnial problem of me and my bud, Ryan, ever since Cafe Bec in The Fort closed down.

In its place stands a Mediterrenean style shop called Kebab Kebab. Having no where else to go, we decided to give it a shot.

From the glass enclosure, you can see the nice and cozy interiors of the place. Its cozyness is augmented by the use of warm colors and mood lights. And the high ceiling was maximized by adding a sit down loft with wide pillows as seats.

Since our usual spot outside now houses the beef grill, and the outside porch was filled with patrons, we ended up occupying the loft.

To my delight, not only do they have 3 varieties of shawarma, they also have Hummus. I ordered the Hummus and the All-beef shawarma. The taste of the Shawarma was average but the serving size falls short of my expectation for its price. The hummus is okay, less tangy than the delightful variant from another place.

It was worth a shot, but the type of people they cater (too high strung for our case) and the food can't seem to replace our longing for Bec. With its almost frozen beer, the pizza Marina, and the company of the ever friendly kuya Frank. I know its unfair to compare the two, also it besets being objective in reviewing the place, but we are looking for a replacement for Cafe Bec.

Well, its on the road again for us.

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