Sunday, September 13, 2009

Call fo Duty 3 on Wii

Last weekend, after our live gig in Ride and Roll bar in Xavierville, I stayed with my siblings in their house in Mandaluyong. There I got hooked playing Call of Duty 3 from around 2am to 6pm, ultimately finishing the 'easy mode' of the game.

Being sort of a history buff, I liked the way the individual stories of the character you're playing are integrated into the re-enactment of some of the pivotal battles of World War II. In the game, you play different characters from different nations battling on different fronts. From what I remember, you play Nichols in the US Army, Doyle in the British Army, Cole in the Canadian Army, and Bohater in the Polish campaign. You also get along with various characters that develop within the storyline amidst the backdrop of war. In the final stages of the game, the character development gets trippy as the characters, and you characters, seems to meet up, their stories intertwine, leading up to end clip of the game.

It also gets mad props for playability and controls. The downside is the location of the granade button, which is hard to access. It slows you down in that crucial 'grab the grenade and throw it back to them' part of the game. The controls also don't respond well in those 'act out the action' with the nunchuck controller, like wrestling Nazi's when ambushed at the stairs or door, or when planting plastic explosives.

Playing this game also brought out in me the desire to own a Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) and an M1 Garand. In the game, those are the most effective weapons I got to use. They are effective in medium range combat, and accurate enough to use in sniping out machine gun nests and incoming threats. I also loved the way those guns sound, even the M1's 'ping of death' ( a common moniker with WWII soldiers where the M1 uses up its ammo clip, the clip snaps out making a distinct 'ping' sound).

This game is definitely a good reason to get a Wii... along with other sports oriented games that me and my nieces played with....

fun fun fun...

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