Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Anime: Sekirei

Gaudily dressed buxom beauties with various elemntal powers and a knack for mixed combat capabilities. Welcome to the world of Sekirei. In the near future, the new Japanese capital of Shintou is threatened to be bought out by the gigantic MBI company, whose goals are larger than simply setting itself as a financial power.

at the same time, Sahashi Minato is a 19 yr old rounin who fails to enter his desired college twice. On his way home, a girl literally fell from the sky fighting two lighting weilders and accidentally gets mixed with these people. Minato ends up taking the girl home gets thrown out of their apartment (because its only a single's apartment).

The girl, Musubi (number 88), turns out to be a 'Sekirei'. They are powered beings discovered from an island that rose up from the sea with containment units that suggests a race more advanced that humans. Sekirei's are search and fight for their 'Ashikabi's who are said to able help them ascend to heaven. When a special bond with their Ashikabi's come to fruition, they are capable of unleashing a great power within them. Their 'prayer' can only be activated when the Ashikabi 'wings' their Sekirei's (usually with a passionate kiss). If an 'Ashikabi' wings a 'Sekirei', they are to stay together being married.

The more Sekirei's they 'wing', the more powerful an Ashikabi becomes, which complicates Minato's life as it turns out he was destined to become the Ashikabi of 3 more Sekirei's. With this he ends up 'wing'-ing the shy but impulsive child called Kuu (number 108), with the power to control trees and plants, Matsu (number 02) the computer geek with the power of technology at her side, and the violent, stubborn and possesive Tsukiumi (number 09) with the power of water (she is adamant in declaring that she is the legal wife, despite living a life of hatred towards Ashikabi's).

As majority of Sekirei's are winged, the MBI corporation reveals its plan to pit Sekirei's against each other until only one is left. It is said that the remaining Sekirei will ascend along with their Ashikabi. The losing Sekirei wouldn't be able to be with their Ashikabi again and collected by MBI. As this plan comes out, Minato is determined to protect Musubi, the Sekirei who he develops strong feelings for.

Along with having an averagely good animation and upbeat overtones with an underlying love story, Sekirei has a interesting storyline and concept. The only thing that looks out of place is the Sekirei's center of gravity jacked up way high (a minimum of HH cups I think). Although Sekirei was included with a lot of 'fan service' to make it more popular, I feel that it can do without too much of it. The fight scenes are not that cool, except for some 'single number' Sekirei's.

This anime plays around the 'harem' genre as Minato is coupled with almost every 'girl flag' in anime. The air-headed, kind and bubbly girl in Musubi, the quiet and scheming geek in Matsu, the strong willed but mushy type in Tsukiumi, and Kuu for the 'Lolli' fans.

And the funky ending theme is very catchy. There were also a lot of cliffhangers and unclosed issues that suggests a second season.


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