Thursday, December 31, 2009

Avatar on I MAX

Last New Year's eve, I wen to see James Cameron's latest epic 'Avatar' on I Max. I first viewed the trailers and effects shots from their official page before deciding on watching it there. 

I was right.

Watching this movie on digital 3D on I-Max really immerses the viewer in the sorroundings and action within. You can also appreciate not only the panoramic landscape of Pandora, but you could also savor the detail of various element within the movie. When they fly or speed across the jungle, you feel that you fly along with them. There were also certain angles that impressed the audience, which could have been lesser reception on a normal movie screen. Even the close-ups or narrow shots were imposing. It complements the mood of the scene without straining your eye on seeing who's who in that sequence.

The characters were developed in an acceptable pace in the movie. Not too hurried, but just enough to feel a bit attached with them as the story progresses. You also have to give props to the lesser known actors that gave an impressive performance, along with the veterans.

The effects were astounding, the characters larger than life (no pun intended), and the overall set design and mechanical design was a treat. But the plot wasn't something new...nor was it an overused one. For a such a visual extravaganza, I  have hoped for something more groundbreaking in terms of plot or story telling.

Me and my cousin talked about this and it reminded us of some movies, I said it was like 'Dances with Wolves' meets 'Starship Troopers', or 'Last Samurai' mixed with a little 'Platoon'. In a sense they all coincide with the occuring theme of the movie. The main motif was the 'Dances / Last Samurai' part where the main character "goes native" and fights his superiors. The 'Platoon' part... well in an interiew they said they wanted to inject a 'Nam' feel for the military aspect.

There were a lot of negative buzz generated in the internet; that the movie is just an eye candy, or that the plot was a flop, or it promotes racism... (eh?). Well its understandable because the story does leave one hoping for more. All that hype in the media raised the people's expectations. To a point that the story alone cannot satisfy their pre-concieved notion of the movie. It might not be 'all that' in terms of plot,  what's important here is that you enjoyed seeing the movie, you are drawn in by the characters, and the movie just leaves you begging for more.

Now...what burns me out are these conservatives who view too much into the movie that take it at entertainment value...its a blorg -dammed movie...made for your enjoyment and maybe carry a message or two. The uptight suits said it promotes racism, the anti-smoking movement lashed out on Sigourney Weaver for smoking in the movie, the Vactican is upset for showing beings that worship nature instead of their god. What the F*_+>?+!:., maybe they just want you to see a movie of 2 dogs staring at each other....wait, then the animal rights movement will join the fray, and some minority group would cry out that these dogs has some hidden degradory message if you flip it upside down, back mask the audio, tweek it to 2.4 kHz, and put white hoods on the dogs. AAARRRGRGGGHHHH!!!! *pop*

Well, I suggest that you see this movie (I heard its still out there) with an open mind and just have fun....coz thats what movies are primarily for anyway.

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