Monday, February 22, 2010

Practice run for the polls? With prizes in store!!!

Going to Megamall last Saturday, this ice cream stand near Chinabank is giving out stubs for a chance to win dvd players and other electronic gadgets. Among usual data you fill up the coupon with, you also fill up the blank for which presidential bet you are going to vote for this coming election.

And among all the transparent plastic ballot boxes, Noynoy Aquino is filled to the brim. Followed by Manny Villar, and the other bets with almost the same contents.

Well, you can't make this into an actual estimate of what's going to happen in the coming polls, but it can be considered as an indicator of things to come. 

And with all the money pulled into this election, why not pool in some money from the candidates and offer prizes like this soft ice cream stand in doing. Like a home partner thing...

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