Monday, March 15, 2010

Game: StarWars Battlefront (Renegade Squadron)

"Starwars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron" for the PSP is not a new game, I've had it for a while and finished it before. But with my new Super Bass headphones, I began to love this game again. In the instant action mode, you'll be drawn in by the great sounding explosions, blaster fire and others.

While rekindling my new found love for this game, I started playing the Galactic Conquest mode also. This gave the 'instant action' mode meaning and direction. 

While the 'instant action' puts you into various battles of your choosing, the 'galactic conquest' lets you take the tactical approach in conquering your enemy. This game mode revolves around phase changes, much like your basic card game. You complete your set of phases and within those moves, the enemy can counter move as needed.

The first phase is the Purchase Phase where you buy technology and troops to capture a planet. Spend your credits wisely. If you don't need to move or reinforce your troops, save your credits to enable you to purchase the tech needed to improve your troops. The number of planets you hold and the heroes you recruited influence the credits you earn at the end of each player phase.

The second phase is the Troop Movement Phase where you either position your troops for an impending attack or to invade a planet. If you are invading, your enemy will counter by defending their planet. In this you can either select 'attack', where you join the invasion therefore switching to a 'instant action' sort of game, or you can also choose 'auto-resolve', where the CPU uses random possibilities to who wins or looses. I rather choose 'Attack/Defend' since when I chose 'auto-resolve' 98% of the time, you will lose. And the number of your troops will decrease dramatically.

The final phase is the Reinforce Phase, where you transfer troops where they are needed. Oftentimes, after an assault, your troop number will dwindle due to battle casualties. This will be a chance to reinforce those planets to give you a better army in case of a counter attack.

Joining the fray makes this game mode tons of fun. Of course, they all use the conquest type of game, so you have to increase your capture rate. The less bases the enemy has, the less chances there is for their reinforcement. In the event that you are able to capture all the bases, the game will automatically end in your fave, even if the enemy has a lot of units to spare.

For head on action, which are needed in planets like Korriban, Mygeeto or Saleucami; I combine the shotgun and cluster grenade for maximum melee or surge damage. In some planets, like Ord Mantell or Geonosis, Its better to keep a safe distance. Let your troops fight head to head with the enemy while you pick them out one by one with your sniper rifle. If anyone comes close, use your explosive blaster pistol for that one shot-one finish delight.

Some planets needs an upgrade in your tech to enable you to play them, like Alderaan or Space Saleucami, where your need at least a level 2 in space technology

All in all, this feature gave me, like, a new game to play with. Combining tactical troop movement and fiece combat skills in one awesome package,,,with great sounds to boot.

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