Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend at Taguig:Of Timezone, Pancake House and Other Stories

Me and my family have this schedule where we go to Market!Market! in Taguig, eat a hearty breakfast at McDonalds, then play for at least two hours at Timezone. We do this every Saturday, since I have no time for my family in the weekdays.


I first saw this game a few months ago. This game, entitled 'Technika', is a fun DJ mixing game with catchy J-POP songs and nice animation. I hope I can download these 'MTV'-esque background somewhere.

After a few rounds with Guitar Hero, I played 2 handed pistol in 'Silent Hill', where I fared better than having another player man the other gun.

After playing all those games, and collecting tickets in the process, we had lunch at Pancake House. This is the first time I came back to a branch of 'Pancake House' since an incident in their branch at Glorietta which made me start hating the franchise. But the call of the waffle was hard to resist. Good thing the staff here trated us better than in Glorietta.

Going home late inthe afternoon, my wife and I started making scrapbooks.
I recommend this activity to couples so they can talk about the good old days of being young and foolish while looking at your photos.

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