Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Party with the Penguin: Tagging Along with Penguin 627

I was able to party twice this week thanks to Penguin 627.

the G.A.S. Day gig at Mag:Net High Street

For those who don't know, Penguin 627 is one of the up-and-coming bands that are fast gathering rock and punk fans everywhere. They have graced the music program 'Banda Rito' in Studio 23, featured in UR105.9 and, only recently, bagged a 'Stand Out Track of the Week' from NU107. They describe their music as 'pop punk influenced rock'...well, i think that's what 'power pop' is.

EP Launch at Saguijo

If you want to go to a party where you can just let it all hang out and have fun, I recommend you attend one of their gigs. Kat's bubbly and fun personality mixed with the rock attitude persona she brings onstage along with her bass lines and rock vox skills is a delight to watch.

Nong and Paulo are like the Ying-Yang of the group; one is playful and energetic, the other is almost stoic but intense. Their combination brings balance as their playing styles augment each other.

And Marco, his skills on the skins are a match to Blink's Travis...or even more cause he does all that twirly twirly exhibition thingy on the sticks while maintaining his intensity and tempo.

I saw them before at 6UG so I knew what to expect. But he people I went with, at the G.A.S. day at Mag:Net High Street and on their EP launch last night at Saguijo were blown away by their performance. And as for me, they performed better in every gig.

In the end, its all about having fun. And as I look at the crowd, they do deliver.

Well, enough about the band...let's talk about the music.

In their EP launch, Penguin performed the songs included in their EP and then some. Their stand out track of the week "Make Me Come Back"  and "Saturday" is like a cross between Green Day and Moonpools and Caterpillars. A combination of light themes and upbeat rythyms. The lone Tagalog song "Opis Crush", which is an instant hit within my circle of acquaintances, is a fine example of Pinoy alternative mixed with contemporary punk arrangements and has underlying themes of any yuppie can relate to.  The emotional "Save Me" is more of as alternative rock song, with its different approach in arrangement. The last, and my favorite, "When Will This End" is a hard knocking punk song oozing with 'Blink', 'Chaos UK' and 'Ramones' influence, with the same theme approach as 'Opis Crush' but on a different....uhhhh...perspective.

Check them out on Multiply or their site


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