Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tales from the USS Hyperion

(note: This story was inspired by the actual turnout of a Star Trek game I played a few years back)

Stardate: 61335.7 "Defeat at Starbase 313"

Aboard the USS Hyperion enroute to Sejanus, a K-class planet in the alpha quadrant. We were told to retreat after the failed retaking of Starbase 313 from the Borg. Initial intelligence from Starbase 313 stated a small colony of the Borg in that sector. Because the Centaurus Prime shipyards were at the vicinity, orders were made to prepare a fleet of Miranda and Akira-class ships for an assault.

Starfleet then dispatched the USS Hyperion and 11 other Sovereign-class ships to the shipyards. The plan was divide the Sovereign-class in pairs to make each lead an attack groupin the assault.

Upon arrival, however, we were dismayed to see the sector overrun by Assimilators and the shipyard under attack. We were able to retake the shipyard but it was in bad shape. They were able to produce a few Akira-class ships but they too were damaged as they were used in defending the shipyard. No matter how much of the Borg we destroy, more kept taking their place.

Instead of dividing the ships as planned, command decided to take the offensive using the remaining Akira-class vessels and all the Sovereign-class in one attack group, with the USS Hyperion as lead attack ship.

As fate would have it, we cannot hold the sector. In the end, we were ordered to retreat with what we had left. Sadly, only us, the USS Courageous and 2 other Akira-class vessels were left to fall back. We had to rescue the crew of the USS Apalachia for all its propulsion systems,warp and impulse, were beyond repair. This mission was not thouroughly planned, I told myself.

We were ordered to rendezvous with the Sovereign-class USS Coburn and its attack fleet at Sejanus to assist the IKS Nong'ng Iv in clearing that sector of 2 Borg colonies. I hope that our luck there would be better that what we had at Starbase 313.

Stardate 61340.9 "Redemption"

As we meet the USS Coburn at Sejanus, we were informed that the IKS Nong'ng Iv has set off to search and destroy Borg vessels in this sector. Our ship, USS Hyperion, were assigned to lead the 1st attack group which would defend the combined Federation and Klingon bases at Sejanus. Considering our failure at Starbase 313, I wouldn't be surprised. The USS Coburn was assigned as lead ship for the 3rd attack group, the fleet assigned to assist the IKS Nong'ng Iv in its search and destroy mission.

After our briefing, we were alerted that the attack group assign to the 'search and destroy' mission was almost decimated and with the IKS Nong'ng Iv without warp and low on shields. The USS Coburn's attack group was deployed to assist.

Due to the gravitational pull of the twin planets in Sejanus, they ventured to the battle site at full impulse. It was too late, they were but just in time to see the IKS Nong'ng Iv blow up. They were left with no choice but to fight off the Borg fleet in that area.

Things were getting grim as the 3rd attack group lost ship after ship under the relentless attacks by the Borg. The Coburn was ordered to retreat as it is the only remaining ship and still under fire. With the torpedo turret field that was recently put online, it would create a safe zone to cover its retreat. The Coburn made it in time with just 2% shields left and operating with just 140 crew, barely enough to keep the ship running at warp 4. And as planned, the torpedo turret field obliterated the pursuing Borg ships.

The IKS Nong'ng Iv lost, the USS Coburn barely operational, things are not looking up for this campaign. The only thing that keeps us from harms way is the torpedo turret field set up around the combined bases. But the Borg are systematically taking out the field one turret at a time. It will be soon that they would be able to break through the barrier.

A plan is then devised to end this conflict. The USS Hyperion is re assigned to the 9th attack group as escort to 12 Steamrunner-class vessels designated as fleet 0. The 1st and 2nd attack groups are then re-assigned to seek and destroy missions to prevent any build up of Borg vessels that might ensue a surprise attack. Our mission is to check out the last transmission of the Miranda-class USS Diligence about the location of one of the 2 Borg colonies in this system.

Coming out of warp a few thousand kilometers from the coordinates, we encountered some borg ships but they just passed by, not doing anything to us. Strange, they don't see 2 Sovereign-class, 4 Galaxy-class and an Agean-class vessel as a threat? Maybe the location of the base was bogus.

After a few minutes, sensors pick up the presence of a Borg Nexus. Nervously we called for the green-light of the assault by fleet 0. It seems odd that the Nexus is unprotected while the 1st and 2nd attack groups are reporting heavy action throughout the system. Maybe they're spreading their resources too thin.

Upon the arrival of fleet 0, they spread out in a line formation while proceeding to the Nexus, just out of reach of its primary defenses. With one command, the Steamrunners unleash a barrage of upgraded photon torpedoes. The fleet now lays siege on the Nexus like a medieval city.

As expected, the barrage roused the hornet's nest and some Interceptors began to attack the Steamrunners. But Interceptors are no match to the weaponry of a Galaxy-class, let alone a Sovereign-class. Wave after wave, they defended the Nexus in vain until there was nothing left of the Nexus but space dust and debris.

The remaining Borg started a hastened retreat afterwards. We are recieveing reports from the 1st and 2nd attack groups that the rest of the Borg are doing the same. This was topped with a report from the Akira-class USS Thor that they found the second Nexus...deserted.

The remainder of the 4th and 7th attack group was sent to gather intel from the second Nexus then proceed with its demolition.

As it turns out, the Borg simply just ran out of resources to complement its assimilation of this sector. They were too busy trying to break through the torpedo turret field and running into ambushes by the 1st and 2nd attack group, that they just...ran out of gas. Resupplying their campaign with drones from their own bases, leaving their production and supply line derilict. And by destroying their back-up fleet, the first Nexus we seiged, their forces are now reduced to ragtag groups of Interceptors and Detectors.

Eventhough it is already considered a victory, there is still much to be done. The 9th attack group of the USS Hyperion is in-charge of the clean-up process.

We have retaken Sejanus. This will give us the opportunity to resupply and regroup. For tomorrow we might venture out again in this continuing battle against the Borg Collective.

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