Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free Comic Book Day at Fully Booked

In one of my trips to High Street, I saw that there was a 'Free Comic Book Day' to be held in Fully Booked branches. I thought  'Wow, just like the one I've seen in pictures from a friend in San Diego?". I cleared my schedule and waited in anticipation.

Sadly, the event held in Fully Booked in High Street last May 22 fell short on my expectations. Every person in attendance is allowed only one comic from the selection. I thought it was like in the pictures from my friend where there are booths with the publishers and artists, and you get to grab one from each booth. I only got to get more stuff because I brought my wife along...who has no intrest in these kind of things.

Also the comics are made specifically for the Free Comic Book Day...not the ones in circulation. So the stories are more like one-offs, previews and special issue stuff.

While in line for my turn at the entrance...I did get to see and hear from intresting people there. Specially those caucasians behind us.

Anyway, I saw in the net that this was actually launched to help battle illiteracy. 

This is an annual event in the U.S. I wonder how it is for our 'Free Comic Book Day' here in the Phillipines. I think we can only wait next year.

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Paulo said...

Nice free comics! sayang nakalimutan ko pumunta dyan..

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