Sunday, May 30, 2010

Add What You Like: The Okonomiyaki Adventure

Trapped in the daily grind as a housewife, my honeybunch has only the DVD player as an escape from boredom. As a result, she gets to watch my J-drama dvds over and over again. She just finished Maki Horikita's "Teppan Shoujo Akane" and was instilled with the same drive to search for new flavors using only the 'fry cook' technique. (Much like the culinary technique as SpongeBob the Squarepants, fight OH! fight OH!)

Her latest experiment includes combining the ingredients usually found in coleslaw, mix it up with her own blend of barbeque sauce, her secret mayo blend and wallah!!! The Okonomiyaki fist of fury!!!!

A few days later, I told her about my love for pepperoni... as we went grocery shopping, with my usual supply of that contraband, an idea popped in our heads. Instead of putting bacon on the okonomiyaki...why not add these salty, meaty slices of paradise (I'm taking about the pepperoni, of course).

And out came the "Okonomiyaki Fist of Fury ver.2.0"... my son later made version 2.01 by putting whole pepperoni slices on top.

With all the ingredients we bought for this experimental endeavor, we ate okonomiyaki for the whole weekend.

All for this amazingly low price of P200 ($3.75)...

But wait...there's more!!!!!

No...that's it...

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