Sunday, May 16, 2010

Occultation of Venus (May 16, 2010)

Last night (May 16,2010), I was walking along Kalayaan Ave in Makati, when I started to notice people staring at one direction in the sky...pointing in unison and taking pictures. Gasping...acting wierd and panicky. . I looked up and saw nothing out of the ordinary.

Then I heard a person mumbling something about the moon, and there I see it. The crescent moon lying on its back with a very bright star shining on top of it. Like the symbol normally associated with Islam..or the emblem on the national flag of Pakistan. It was ominous in a way that its seemed like a warning sign from the heavens.

Later I found out that it was a rare event called an occultation, where a heavenly body is hidden behind another which is in direct view of the an eclipse of sorts. The star happens to be the planet Venus in close proximity to our planet.

It was a beautiful sight...tooo bad my camera can't catch that kind of scene.

(check out the Astronomical League of the Philippines website for info)

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