Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Its Just How It Is (Too Weak to Defend the Philippine Republic)

Recently there are a lot of blunders, issues and cover-up concerning our politicians and military officials. They are always in cahoots with regards to issues of election fraud, disappearance of activists, misappropriation of government funds, and the like. Covering each other as the need arises. And with a feeling of gratitude, will turn and cover for the other as well. Careful in making sure that all the money and the power is kept in their small circle of 'kumpares' and 'kumadres'.

Then what about the people? Those diligently work and support the government and the military with taxes from their wages and manpower in the form of themselves, their sons and their daughters. The people are the ones working for them yet it is they who act with treason and play on the public's trust. The people are being beaten down until there is no more will left in them for a better life, just the desire and need to make it through the day. As a lower middle working class citizen, I have felt this way a lot of times. Times that upon hearing news about the billions of pesos of taxpayers money are used to ascertain their grip on power, to get their kicks, or simply just to get their way so they can amass more money and power, my will to fight slips away. I just have to work so I can earn something to feed my family. I closed myself up and cared about nothing else.

The fund from the taxpayers are immediately diverted into the coffers of the politicians, political aides and corrupt military officials who, as one blogger stated, in an event of an invasion by another country, are the first ones to escape abroad with their ill-gotten wealth. Its seems that patriotism, like chivalry, is already dead...especially to those in power.

Its every person for themselves up there, to cover-up for themselves. Proudly beating on their chests while shouting here and there about protecting the motherland, the people, and their families, while the soldiers and commoners are used as cannonfodders for their own gain.

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