Monday, March 23, 2009

My son, the sub-agent

My wife had a short stint handing out flyers for a soon to be built condominium building. It entails staying at the mall for 10 hours handing out flyers and manning the booth of that company.

When we went to see her late in the evening on her first day, she complained of being bored. So on the next day, she decided to go with our son Mark.

I followed them that afternoon. I found my son in the middle of the pathway handing out flyers.

And he explained, " I only give flyers to the people with other flyers of condominiums in their hands because it shows that they are intrested in acquiring them ".

I asked my wife who taught him that logic...Even I didn't think of that.

She said he came up with it on his own.

My son is not the brightest in school...but he's the only one I know that comes up with such conclusions and logic.

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