Sunday, March 22, 2009

A night at Gilligan's

Last Friday, after a week of hectic deadlines, me and my officemates went out for a drink. They brought me to Gilligan's in the recently opened Glorietta 5 in Ayala Avenue.

Gilligan's is not new in the nightlife-gimik scene. Although the lighting in this branch is a bit brighter than the one in Restaurant Row behind Glorietta. I think since this is inside a mall, it takes a more generally accepted norm for a restaurant.

They have a promo aimed at the people who comes here in groups...which is not unusual when going out to restaurants. Called 'Groupies', they serve sumptous fish, chicken and/or pork feast combinations that, when the bill is divided among the group, is reasonably priced. The promo also caters to different group sizes. You can order this even if you're a group of 4, of 6 or more. Since we were 5 in the party, we ordered the 'B' Groupie combo...good for 6 people. But it seems its enough to feed 7 people (eventhough a pig-out guy like me was included).

As the food arrived, we marveled at the large portions of Garlic Chicken, Pork Sisig (lean and crispy...just the way I like it) and Fish Fillet.

The Garlic Chicken was good as the texture and the garlic infused gravy enhanced the taste of the deep fried chicken. The Fish Fillet was perfectly cooked...not too soft, just crunchy enough. And the oh my...not since my college days of binging out on alcohol in Katipunan has my mouth encountered a succulent blend of crispy pork with the right amount of mayo sauce on a sizzling plate.

And there's even enough left for 'pulutan'.

In comes the other promo to end the night...a 3 for P100 on San Mig light (it also comes with a 4 for P100 Pale Pilsen). This is cool by Makati CBD standards where a light beer will set you back P40 to P60 each. By this time, we had transfered to the open balcony area of Gilligan's. This space is hard to come by. For the smokers, you have to wait patiently because most people opt for the open balcony with a view of the garden fronting the Oakwood Hotel. There's even a line where people eat their dinner inside first and, in the first light of open tables, the waiting staff will transfer the next waiting patrons. So its better to tell them of your intentions of transfering to the balcony.

(the balcony with a view...if you like urban landscapes)

15 bottles and P1,700 later (thanks to one of us ordering a Fish Paella something and a large pizza... thats not a sarcastic remark...I really thanked him coz he paid for them while sharing it with the group) we went home...buzzed and enjoying a brisk walk along the Ayala Ave on a cold Makati night.

How did I got home again?....

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