Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kannagi OP: Motto Hade ni ne (Haruka Tomatsu)

After remembering the Kannagi series I enjoyed a few weeks back, I also remembered the catchy opening theme which I also grew to love.

Armed with the info from wikipedia, I was able to track it down in youtube (ah, the convinience of the information technology, where were you in my formative years...).

That song was entitled "Motto Hade ni Ne" sung by Nagi's voice actress Haruka Tomatsu. At first I was wondering how the PV will match up to the energy of the song as effectively projected by the 'Nagi' character in the anime series. To my disappointmernt, she wasn't able to match up the energy I expected. Oh well, " to each their own" ,I always say. 

She did potray a lot of lively energy while posing in dresses and eating junk food in the video. 

...and hanging the laundry...

...and reading books (falling asleep in the process)...

But this didn't made me stray away from the song coz I love this song that much.

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