Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pagbabalik ni SHAIDER!!!

Mamangha sa Pagbabalik ni SHAIDER!!! (Behold at the return of Shaider!!!)


Just like anyone who was a kid in the Philippines during the 80's, I grew up watching Japanese Super Sentai or Henshin Hero series after school. We'd race home to catch the latest episodes of our favorite shows. Its become a ritual, watching those series along with my siblings and cousins. So while I was looking around some DVD stalls, I was surprised to see 'Space Sheriff Shaider' (known here simply as 'Shaider'), one of my favorite shows. Excited, I bought it and watched at home.

Dai (known here as 'Alexis') is a space police cadet from Earth sent back to our planet to protect it from Fuuma's army, whose sole purpose is to enslave planets in various star systems. Those who doesn't bow down to their will gets their homeworld destroyed. After destroying many planets, Earth is next.

I admit I was blown away by the effects and fight scenes as a kid (For us guys, it was a chance to see some upskirts of Annie ,she's like Shaider's deputy or something, hehehehe), but as I watched recently, it seems mundane. But I got to say, it was cool to watch it again.

I was amused with the first episode. The bad-ass conquering jaggernaut that is Fuuma started its plan to take over the world by abusing a little girl's puppy (a puppy?!! how devious!!! how diabolical!!! is there no one there to stop them?!). 

Also, this series was in a time when English in Japan was used just to make something sound cool. What we came to know here as the 'Shaider Blaster' was really 'Video Beam Gun' (eh? but later on I leaRned that its due to the fact that there is a video screen on top of the gun). But at least I got to know the real names of other stuff. Like Alexis is really Dai, Battle Tank is really Battle Shaian, Shaider Cutter is really Laser Blade, Aida is really Po. 

Other technical jargons used is somewhat out there. Like the explanation for Shaider's transformation sequence. It was said to be due to Blue Plasma...Plasma is superheated matter, hotter than the surface of the sun, everytime he'd transform, what will be left is a mass of charred carcass and a molten body armor.

And the mysterious realm that makes the monsters stronger...what's the relevance of it being 6000 degrees celius inside? And that its made of atomice molecules, I mean, everything is made of molecules aren't they?

Fuuma's army seems to use some underhanded ploys rather than military tactics in its campaign for conquest. Like making people lazy, turning kids into animals and getting back on bullies using telekenesis. This is because the series focuses on human values and morals, taking it upon itself to entertain and educate the youth on valuing friendship, family and a path to righteousness.

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