Saturday, May 8, 2010

Anime:Kyou no Go no Ni (Today in Class 5-2)

While looking for updated comic files of Mahou Sensei Negima, The site I frequent has an interesting post. It said "okay you phedos, I finished subbing the anime 'Kyou no Go no Ni'...blah blah blah". The opening statement attracted my attention. Phedos? 'nanya nanya...'? So I decided to take a peek into its 4-episodes.

This anime series is about a group of elementary friends and classmates in section 2 (therefore the 'Class 5-2'), and their various misadventures revolving around their everyday school activities. Interestingly enough, the episodes are further divided into chapters as 'periods' (ex.: '1st hour period: Gura!Gura!' is the first chapter of the first episode).

The closest main character I can figure out is the loudmouthed Satou Routa, since each chapter deals with a certain set of characters. A common topic in the series is the seemingly platonic relationship of Ryouta with his close neighborhood friend Koizumi Chika.

But thats not the only reoccuring topic in the series. A lot of them deals with situations the kids get into that seems...well...'ecchi' (Japanese slang for sexual perversion...milder than the term 'hentai'). Its like a coming of age series where in they discover things which are perverted (like upskirts, staring at their classmate's pre-forming cleavage, semi-naked pubescent girls) but have different reactions, either they are amazed by what they see or seem to not mind at all since some are really innocent and don't care.

And the 'phedo' part that thread was referring to? One is the way the camera focuses on certain things, like zooming on their crotch and butts on upskirts, focusing on the cleavage and bottom of the girls' bossoms, slowing down when showing the girls with almost naked bodies, the girls groping each other, boys' faces landing on girls' crotches, etc. 

Another is arranging scenes which could be interpreted differently. Like a scared girl clinging on to Ryouta's shorts (appeared to the teacher that Routa is forcing the girl to give him head), Chika and Aihara tickling each other (ochestrated to look like a girl-on-girl action), Milk splashed on the Megu's face and chest (looks like a cum shot on the face to me, while the dazzled Ryouta stares at the wet cleavage).

Although with such reoccuring, almost adult content, the animation is still well done. The drawing is good and it has a catchy soundtrack ('Baby Love' written by Toubayashi Seiko, the lyrics cashing in on the apparent Ryouta-Chika relationship).

Watching this series will bring about kicks and giggles, but I wouldn't recommend it for the youngins.

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